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Hi Heather...your dr. won't put you on any osteo meds because of your age. The currently available drugs (fosomax, actenol, ect.) are mainly used on older post menopausal women, not women still having periods. You are way too young to start taking drugs that have some serious side effects for some, are now being associated with fractures of the femur and aren't meant to be taken by someone as young as you are. At your age there is time to make lifestyle changes that will help your density. Are you currently doing weight bearing exercises like jogging, walking, jumping? Are you doing any strength training? Do you eat a healthy diet? I know this isn't what you want to hear, but until your dr. comes up with a problem to solve there isn't much else you can do. Try to fit some "me time" into your busy day and get some exercise. You could load up the kids and go for walks, something you will all enjoy.

I do have one suggestion...go to your library and check out the book [I]The Myth of Osteoporsis[/I] by Gillian Sanson. Its is loaded with good advice and will help you put some things into perspective. Also keep in mind, (and this is a lesson we all had to learn when dx) that just because you have osteo it doesn't mean that you will or ever break a bone. Please try to relax, stop reading whats on the internet, some of its good and some of it isn't, make a list of questions and call your dr. to get some answers. take care...phyllis

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