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PLEASE TAKE THIS ADVICE TO HEART...There is a specific reason all of us lose bone! When your HIGH CALCIUM (ANYWHERE in the 10 range) shows up in your blood test, that is the best indicator of all about why it is not going to your bones. You also have LOW VITAMIN D, right? When you add your DEXA results to these two symptoms, as well as a PTH intact test (w/elevated PTH level), THEN YOU MOST ASSUREDLY HAVE A
PARAthyroid issue (primary hyperparathyroidism). I found the most famous doc in the world by looking up my high calcium. PLEASE ALSO NOTE: You should NEVER take a bisphosphnate when it is a PARATHYROID issue! Please respond back some day when you have researched what I am saying, okay? Good luck!
I'm sorry, I must repeat this again. The PARATHYROID is what regulates our calcium, not menopausal issues. I have consulted with the world's most knowledgeable doctor regarding this very issue. IF, you have a high calcium level (anywhere in the ten plus range) then it is being taken from you bones and circulating in your bloodstream.

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