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Apr 30, 2010
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I have tried an alternative calcium, EZorb. I am on the first bottle, taking four a day. I have never had pain in my finger joints until I started taking EZorb. I am totally amazed, as they also claim EZorb helps with arthritis. My fingers swell and there is lots of pain. So then I have to take something for the pain. I don't really know what is in this stuff so am not planning to order anymore. When I asked specific questions on the first order the receptionist didn't know anything. She didn't know if they sold it in stores. She didn't know how strong each capsule is. But she did know enough to take my payments. I myself, would never depend on this mystery capsule to build bones. Eat fruits, vegetables and excercise. That has been proven to work.
Re: Ezorb
May 1, 2010
hi penewawa and welcome , I too have tried ezorb and had negative side affects , while on ezorb I developed pain in my hip and a clicking sound when I walked, I also couldnt sleep while on ezorb nor did I feel tired .
that was scary

when I contacted ezorb staff they told me I was the first to try their product
which was an outright lie since their website had been up for years before I tried it, they claimed ezorb is only calcium ... no other calcium I ever tried had such strange side affects.
glad you are off it & hope others read this & heed the warning about ezorb
any mystery magical pill that claims to cure osteoporosis is bogus

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