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Dr Visit Today!!!
May 25, 2010
Although I barely understand those T scores, and I did ask him to run me a copy of the results so I could keep it for my records, I hope some of you can help me understand this T score Business. From what I understand, They take 3 measurementes. One at the wrist, one at the spine, and one at the hip. Then the way I understood it, they then take the lowest or worst reading to make the diagnosis.

I think I read somewhere that if you had a reading as low as -2.5 you were diagnosed as haveing Osteoperosis. Then is you were lower than -2.5 they then considered you as haveing severe Osteoperosis, So the lowest reading I got was in my left hip. The reading was -4.18. He wasn't too happy with that. He said I had prettry severe Osteoperosis.

So after he did his best to describe it to me, he went ahead and wrote me a prescription for the forteo, and the Pin Needles to give yourself the injections with,and HE ALSO GAVE ME A PRESCRIPTION FOR CALCIUM 1200 TO 1500 .

And he wrote a prescription for Vitamin D. He told me that some folks did okay with it and did not experience any side affects, and then some did such as pretty bad nausea. He went ahead and wrote the prescriptions so I would not have to make another trip back down there. He is in a different town than Iam.

He said not to fill them yet because he would have to get it appoved first. He also said he had this lady who would teach me how to give myself the injections. So thats where we are at . He talked like the reading of -4.18 was not good at all. One thing I asked him was about the screws in my neck. He said he would not worry about that yet. I had one other thought but I forgot to ask him about it.

Could there be any way that me wearing a prosthesis on that side since 1995 could have had anything to do with this? Any other help would greatly appreciated. Is, just readimg you what was in the report. Thanks everyone. You all seem to be very good folks. I suppose it may take him a week or so to get it all approvred. I just hope they do. I only have medicare but not medicaide. As expensive as it is, if they even wanted me to pay the 20% there is no possible way I could do so. Have a good evening my dear friends.

Don & "Miss Angel"

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