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First of all Happy Memorial Day today my friends. I was watching a special on TV awhile ago and even though I live alone, when some of those stories I heard about soilders not makeing it home, and they would put their pictures up, I was sooooo moved that I saluted the pictures of the people who they put up on the screen. I know nobody would see me, but it was not for anyone to see, I was just so moved that people are giving their lives so I can enjoy freedom.

Now I am new to this desease and have posted a few times. Iam going to be starting the forteo injections as soon as they can get Medicare to approve it. Will someone tell me just how severe a score of -T4.18 is? That was the score in the hip. I was told that even scores much lower than that are considered to be severe. Just how bad is mine to some of you who know much more about this than I do.

Could the inhalers I have been on for years have had anything to do with it? Iam on Advair 500/50, Spiriva, and Albuterol as a recue inhaler.

I have notced in the last while I have been experiencing sooo much pain that I had not been. Even sitting down I have pain and can't sit long. Iam also a right leg below the knee amputee. I have had soooo many surgeries since my car accident back when I was aboput twenty that I am trying to figure out if its the Osteoperosis thats causeing my pain, or if its the results of all the surgeries I have endured since 20 years of age.

I am getting to the point I hurt all the time. I can do very little of what I used to do and Iam not but 59.

Starting from the top of my head, I have had surgery on a drooping eyelid when I was just a kid, I have had to have Rotator Cuff Surgery on both my right and left shoulders, I have had to have 3 titanium plates put in my cervical spine which are held in with 8 screws. I have had to have my gall baldder removed. I have had to have bone taken from both hips to be fused into my ankel before they finally amputated my leg below the knee. In all I have had about 20 surgeries of one type or another trying to save that left leg which I finally had to have it amputated anyway in 1995. I have had 3 seperate hernia repairs all on the right side. I have had to have a lamanectomy in my lower spine. and lastly but not leastly I had to have a coyexxectomy where they removed about two inches from my tailbone.

Wow!!!!!! I have a hard time believeing all I have had done myself but unfortunately it is a very long list of all the surgeries and recoveries I have endured since I was 20 years old. I have wondered if after all these years all these surgeries are now coming back to haunt me as Iam growing older. I stay in pain and They have me on a list of medications.

I also am on oxygen theray 2 liters per minute 24/7. Now I found out I have this very severe as he told me Osteoperosis and he wants me to start the forteo injections. What makes this even harder for me is I live alone. I am so scared of what may lay ahead for me. The Primary Dr who gave me the Bone Density Test told me I could fracrure a bone just by walking.

Someone plesae tell me very truthfully and bluntly how severe this Osteoperosis is I have. He says in my hip the score was -T4.18. I think I read somewhere that a reading of -T2.5 is where they determine it is severe. If this is true, a score like mine must be extremely severe, is that correct?

Should I be with someone besides my primary to treat this or can he handle it? Someone please tell me how severe this is that I have so I can take the proper steps. My Primary wants me to start the Forteo and I think he is putting me on calcium and VitaminD. With a scrore like mine is this Forteo going to help?

I was also told that the inhalers could have played a part in me getting to this point. But I need them to breath properly with the COPD. Then as I was reffered to a Pain Clinic which is Southest Pain they have me on narcotic Pain meds. Iam going to list all the meds Iam on for all my malidies so you will have all the facts. I want someone to tell me just how severe this Score is and if it is as bad as I have been led to believe. The following are the list of present meds Iam on, and have been for quite awhile.

Methadone for chronic pain, 20mg every 8 hrs.

Hydrocodone 7.5 every 1 every 12 hours for breakthrough pain

Alprazolam 1 mg every 12 hopurs for anxiety

Ambien 10 mg 1 at night for sleep.

Advair 500/50 for COPD

Spiriva, inhale contents of one capsul;e per day. for COPD.

Singulair 10 mg one at bedtime for allergies.

Zocor 80 mg at bedtime for high cholesterol

Oxygen 2 lpm 24 hours per day to shortness of breath

And lastly a over the counte stool softener

And now this Forteo and the Calcium and the Vitamin D for the severe osteoperosis I have been diagnosed with.

Thats all I do is take medicine. Again the main things I would like to know is someone knows is -T 4.18 an indication of really severe Osteoperosis, and how sucpitible does that make me for future fractures. I have already had broken bones many places. I know this has been long and really unbelieveable that anyone has had such a long history of all the multiple surgeries and health problems. But unfortumately this has been my fate since the age of 20. I would appreciate any comments anyone can give me. Are any of these medications going to interact with this Forteo?

I have learned that it can cause nausea and legcramps. I am already haveinmg trouble with Leg Cramps as a result of the Zocor.

Thank you sooo much for the time you have taken to read my heath story I appreciate it soooo much.

Don :wave:
You seeme to know a lot more thanI do about this desease. I sooo appreciate you respondingto me. Not a whole lot have. I guess they want to get to know me first. I am a bit worried because its been going on the thoird week since he wrote me the prewscriptions for the Forteo and the needles and severl others for vitamin D and calcium. We are now going into the 3rd week since he wrote the prescriptions and instructed me not to try and fill them until he gets approval from medicare. How long does this take I need to get started. I have all the prescriptions here already written. I can't understand why Medicare is takeing soooo long to approve it. I let it scare me because I don't know much about it. I worry most about these 3 titanium plates in my neck and they have about 8 screws holding them into my bone. Do you think these could possible work their was loose? Iam alreadu haveing much more pain there.

Don :wave:

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