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HI jazzmine, welcome to the board :wave:. Sorry to hear about your dx and and all of us here understand your fears concerns. We've all been in the same place when first being dx. But, the score you posted is still in the osteopenia range or just into osteoporosis so there is time for you to make some changes that will help you. Before you get more worried than you already are read the book The Myth of Osteoporosis by Gillian Sanson. It's loaded with good info that will help you make the right choices for you, it will also help put what you are feeling into perspective. You can get a copy at your local library or buy one.

I am glad to hear that your dr. is doing more test to see if there is are other causes of your bone loss. Being petite and small boned are risk factors of osteo. I am also glad to hear that at this time he isn't suggesting you take one of the meds for it.

There is a supplement, Strontium Citrate, that has shown to be effective in both building bone and reducing fractures. I've been taking it for several years and have had good results. Others on the board have also been taking it with success. It's natural, has few side effects and can be bought online or in some stores. If you put strontium in the search box at the top of the page you can read quite a bit about it. Or you can research it online.

As for exercise all you do with your little ones is exercise...i'm sure you run after them all day, play with them and pick them up more times than you realize. All those things are weight bearing and good for your bones. You could also take them for walks, run around the yard. Just keeping active is good and with 2 kids you are that. If you feel the need for more structured exercises you can ask your dr. or look it up online.

One last thought, Just because the dr. said you were at risk doesn't mean that you will break a bone now or in the future. It just means that your risk are a bit higher. May people with osteo never break a bone and some with perfect bones do. Also, give yourself a break, you know what to do and have time to do it. oh, and relax. take care...phyllis

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