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T Scores
Nov 25, 2000
I am a 46 year old female. I had a Dexa scan and my T scores are hips -2.1
spine -2.9, -3.3, -2.9, two other scores were still with in normal range. (The spine T scores were on the lower back.) I was told that I am much to young to have these scores.
I have read other messages that say, don't do heavy lifting. Don't bend at the waste.
And don't fall down. Would these rules apply to me. My grandson is 5 years old and weights 52 pounds. Can I still pick him up?
When I asked my doctor if there were things I shouldn't do, he replied with, 'don't drink, stop smoking and do exercise.' I was hoping for a more detailed answer.
Can anyone give me some helpful advice?
I just started taking Miacalcin and Actonel.

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