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Hi Sensitivo,

I have a question for you. Where can I get "Strontium"? I have 2 health food stores around where I live. I am 60 years young and have had Osteopenia for 3 years. It might even be Osteoporosis by now. Anyway, I had a fracture of my T12 last November from the Osteoporosis and recently I had major back surgery on my lower back from 2 disc that had ruptured. I had a cage and bone stimulator implanted. The Orthopedic surgeon said I have soft bones. I had that surgery back in July and I'm recovering slowly in that area, but still in allot of pain. I had an infusion of Reclast 1 1/2 months ago and I have been having bad side effects. The most major one is in my ankles and feet and legs with swelling and joint pain. Also, when I get out of bed in the morning I hurt so bad in the joints that I have to take pain meds. You were talking about your GP doctor, and I was wondering if I should go to a Gynecologist for the Osteoporosis or stay with my GP. My Ortho Dr. and my GP talked with me about the Reclast and said that it was going to be difficult for me to grow new bone even with the bone stimulator unless we got a handle on the Osteoporosis. They didn't force me to get the infusion, they just told me my options. My GP is an older man, but I feel there is more that can be done with all the things I'm going through. I would still have him as my GP, but wonder if I should see someone separate. Any ideas or suggestions? I am going to my GP on Tuesday as I need some immediate help.:wave:

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