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Dowagers hump, ect
Jun 14, 2001
I am just coming to terms with the realization that I have osteroporosis. I have developed a large hump just below my neck that has developed in the last year. I have lost 1 1/2 inches in hieght..I have constant pain in my neck and back and I cannot swallow well.. I feel like I have something sticking in my throat. My stomach has also become protruded. I had none of these symptoms before and I am only going to be 52 this year. I do not smoke and haven't in 11 years, do not drink alcohol and never have... have 6 children.. none of the risk factors I see on the web..EXCEPT two.., I a done with menopause and my paternal grandmother had it, so did her sisters (but they all lived into they're upper 90's and mother and sister have it. But, none of them had or have a dowagers hump that I recall. I am in constant back pain and extremely depressed. I am going to my Doctor soon... I have kind of been living in lala land...not really realizing what this hump is all about. I have always been very strong and healthy and this is devastating me. Also... about a week ago.. I felt a lump near my left wrist... extreme hand pain and now I have this huge bruising straight across my wrist..This wrist thing came out of the blue. Its also very swollen. Could my wrist be broken or cracked or something? How disabling is osteoporosis and what can be done to treat this? I feel I am way too young for this, but certainly do not want it to rob me of more bone mass!!

Hope ya'll can help.


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