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I also recently had a DEXA scan and I'm learning so what I know is not a whole lot. Here's what I can tell you though and this is taken right off my DEXA report.

If your T-score range is from -1 to -2.5 then this indicates low bone mass or sometimes called osteopenia.

If your T-score range is below -2.5 then osteoporosis is what the experts call it.

I'm really confused about your scores being called OSTEOPOROSIS. Your scores are a lot better than mine in the leg and mine was not called Osteoporosis, but rather Osteopenia. These numbers are probably not T-score numbers, however. They sound more like BMD numbers but at this point I'd just have to guess. I know I've not helped too much but maybe you could post your T-scores if you don't mind and if you can find them out.

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[This message has been edited by blondegal (edited 03-17-2002).]

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