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Re: Actonel
Feb 6, 2002
I've been taking actenol for a year now and so far so good. Actually I played with it on and off as I was scared of the side effects but since I have severe bone loss I stopped playing and got down to business. My Dr said that the side effects were mild compared to the debilitating condition osteo can produce, that scared me to be more serious. I checked it out and found the side effects were sometimes bothersome and eventually fade but not always. I guess trying it is the only way to find out.
Re: Actonel
Feb 17, 2002
Ellen58. Yes my Dr did check for low serum calcium, they do that to see if there is other reasons for the bone loss and how your body uses calcium. Mine was fine. I take 30mg once a week and believe me I am very paranoid of drugs or results of tests. I asked for my results and took them to an independant radiologist/rhumatologist and tests were as bad as the Dr said. I have been taking actenol for a short time so the side effects haven't manifested yet, I also have pernicious anemia which gives me severe stomach problems and I always assume anything new will upset the balance. You will find that there is always a margin of error but rarely in bone scans and as for bone structure it is very easy to see the difference, the radiologist pointed out to me normal versus bone abnormality.
Re: Actonel
Mar 20, 2002
Hey Ellen I refused HRT also, in '96 I had a precancerous tumor removed from my left breast(a lump the size of a apricot that both Drs and myself could not feel with the hand)it was deep in the chest wall. I alwasy felt that those hormones had too many side effects I didn't want to deal with. I also felt I could go through menopause without it and I was lucky to have been able to do so. Then I kept getting this letter from the hospital that did the surgery about my possiblly starting on tamoxafin(sp)as I am a high risk for breast cancer and I just kept thinking what if they discover that this drug has even more dangerous side effects so I would never answer them, well I'm glad I didn't, look at the hoopla going on with it now. So I do know where your head is at with drugs(same place as mine)My osteo Dr wanted me to get on celebrex or vioxx for the arthritis in my spine but I kept putting him off(felt I could live with it)and sure enough heart attacks associated with both these drugs. I figure if the drug has been on the market at least 10 yrs, we know a little more about what it can or cannot do and I'm more apt to try it. the drug companies want our Drs to give out these new drug samples and prescriptions convincing our Drs they work better than the older ones when in reality most of the time it is more money in their pockets(drug co)and some of those old tried and true ones work even better than the new ones. Drs fall prey to being the pharmacueticl co salesmen as they know very little about drugs themselves. Boy can I ramble to, we are alike there as well. I probably am wishy washy with my actenol for the same reason, "what if a year down the read they find actenol causes bone tumors or something" Always in the back of my mind....

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