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Re: Actonel
Mar 17, 2002
Hi Ellen58, our newest was a boy, this is my 4th grandchild(I also have 4 step grandchildren)and hopefully the last. My daughter and husband 6yr old and the new baby live with us right now, it is so trying but also rewarding in some ways. I just turned 54 and I still get wishy washy with my actenol, I'm always thinking I can slow the process down with a high clacium intake so sometimes I miss a dose. Mine is most severe in the hips and lumbar and thorasic. I figure that exercise and nutrition has to help as much as the drugs(IMHO)but then I hate to take pills. I even drink my vit/min whenever I can. I guess with your hubby being disabled you may wish to look at the alternative to NOT taking care of this. As osteo progresses you may suffer from minor hairline fractures of the vertebrae and NOT even know it, everyone gets a backache now and then right? Most of them you won't even feel. If you get enough of those fractures your back will start to develope that widows hump on the upper back(you've seen little old ladies with that right?)I forgot the medical term for it tho. From there it gets even more debilatating, my grandmother lived in a fetal position from the age of 63 to 66 before she died, everytime she moved she broke a bone. So how well can you care for hubby from a wheelchair or the bed? Something to think about ok?

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