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Re: New Here
Dec 4, 2002
I was diagnosed w/ osteoporosis 2 weks ago& osteopenia in the hips. My BMD in the spine is -2.90& hips under the osteoporosis guideline. I was diagnosed by my gyne& she was no help about side effects w/ meds& basically threw 3 brochures at me& said to make a decision. HOW? I went to my neurosurgeon yesterday & he recommended a rheumatologist in the Chgo area. I also asked for a ' good ' Dr on an Osteo website& they gave the same Doc my neuro gave as being excellent, Quite a coincidence.
I am scared to death& don't know what to expect w/ the meds or fractures. I already have a injured spine from a serious car accident in 1991/ I am in constant pain& have never done well w/ meds.I would love a alternative therapy. I was told after the car acc to be real careful w/ excercise. I was thrown into an early menopause from the accident 11 yr ago& not one of my 6 Dr's suggested calcium, altho they always asked if i took HRT, which i didn't cause i am also prone to blood clots.Does anyone know why caffeine affects the bones? The severe headaches i get ,I have to take Fioricet for relief & it has caffeine in it. BTW, I am 47 & have started losing weight, 12lbs in the last 2 months. Does that have anything to do with this? The last month my rgt hip has been hurting badly& my lumbar region, but I thought it was another flareup from my injuries..
I heard the FDA approved a new drug that builds bone& stops the deteriation& not sure if it's on the market yet. It was show to cause osteosarcoma in mice & I need to research that too. I am terrified& don't know what to expect. My neuro is a genious & has devised a way to cement bone for strength& fractures. What happens if u fracture a cervical vertebrate??? Would it cause a cord injury? I can go on& on w/ Questions, as this is new. OH! The last 2 weeks my joints in my fingers have been hurting too. That's affected too?
Help, any infowould be apreciated.
God Bless

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