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My neuro says degenerative disk changes are things like arthritis& sometimes goes along w/ osteop. The pain down your leg sounds like mine from a disk herniation or pinched nerve. I went& had surgery, did well, follow up w/ a chiro. sometimes a chiro can fix that aftr 4-5 treatments/
I've read Leaukemia does hurt your bones& causeslosteop. Have you see a rheumatologist? I found an excellent one in Chgo w. credentials tht wld blow yor mind.
see one ASAP. What are your scores?
I was lactose intolerant too, but was in a bad car acc in 91& in pain ever sence.PT for 4 yrs 3x a week, brokn jaw, c5-6 herniation that effaces& displaced my cord. Tons of problems. Thought the pain was continuing spinal injury. My appt is Mom @2CT. I thow h will put me om a med& afraid of the side effects alot.Meds& I don't get along. see a chiro, neurosurgeon& rheumatlogist to see what is causin what. All i am sure of is sme diseases cause osteo, but u have it& still need to be treated for your other problems. LMK how u do. The meds for osteo are scarey, lots of side effects, but maybe they will treat u in another way

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