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20 with osteopenia
Jan 11, 2003
Last spring I had pain in my legs and after MRIs, X-rays and bone scans, I was found to have atleast 3 stress fractures. There was no explaination for the fracures. After months of different tests, a bone density was finally done. I was told I have early osteoperosis(or osteopenia). The fractures took months and months to heal and I continue to have pain, discomfort and tiredness in my legs. I have seen a specialist, but so how we do not know anything. They are concerned that I have a low bone density, but are even more concerned that I have already had fractures. Is there anyone else out there my age with this? At this point I am very frustfrated, because no on seems to know anything. Any help would be great.

Laurie, 20
I am 28 years old and I have been diagnosed with osteopenia also. The reason I have osteopenia at such a young age is because I took accutane, which has the ingredient vitamin A, but it is alot of vitamin A. Studies have shown that bone loss has been reported from some people who have taken accutane. Also, petite girls, who have not had children, that do not get alot of calcium, and drink a lot of caffeine are more prone to get osteopenia. I have a question for you? Are you having bone pain in the spine when standing or sitting too long? I am, but so many people say that they don't have any pain with their bone loss. Let me know if you have anymore questions.



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