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I'm new here.
Help! I don't understand my test results.
Or know if it was the right test because it is different to one I had 4 years ago.

I thought was getting the DXA bone density test I had last time but I seem to have had a Hologic QDR Delphi C densitometric unit with results listed in an accompying table (not sent to me!), which are compared to the current WHO classification of osteoporosis.

My doctor tells me I have crossed the line from moderate last test and I must take action. Should have had a follow up test earlier. I am not happy with the action she wants me to take.

First of all, I must understand what these scores mean.
I have no history of osteoporsis in my family, and I am not so slim (158-159 lbs at 5' 7")

The results I have are :
Current Lumbar Values: bone density in the lumbar region is currently
0.777 gm/cm2 for a T-curve value of -2.5. I guess I am too low?

Current Proximal Left Femoral Values: bone mineral density in the proximal left femoral region is
0.836 gm/cm2 for a T-curve value of -0.9.

Impression: This study demonstrates osteoporosis in the lumbar spine, and focal moderate mineral loss in the proximal left femoral region. The upper lumbar spine is currently at risk for compression fracture, and there is moderate mineral loss in the important area of the left femoral neck.

After the last test, I started seriously on Calcium with magnesium, Vit D and other minerals (Bone Assure from Life Extension) - about 1,000 to 1,500/day (now upped to 1500/day)...but am I absorbing it? Any tests anyone can recommend for that?

Also, I do 30 minutes every day, on a reclining bike and in the winter, I know a) I don't walk enough or do enough other exercises, nor did I or do I get enough sun. Otherwise, I eat all the right foods, organic mostly, never fast foods, balanced. Maybe not enough dark leafy greens, but that is being remedied as far as I can, because of stomach problems, see below.

Must obviously tinker, change, improve what I am doing. Like I must always now walk up the 4 flights (8 lots of stairs) to my apartment. What else?

I have an unstable 5th vertabrae, and my back can go out very easily. It's been under control now for a long time and I don't want to risk that problem again.

I have Crohn's Disease, mild not typical, and that is under control now with 2 digestive enzymes immediately before my main meal, acidophilus and an elimnation diet, which makes many veggies impossible for me, but I don't intend to risk getting an upset stomach with Frosomax or Actonel, which my doctor wants me to take. She's never had Crohn's! Anyway, my research tells me there is a risk not only of an irritable stomach with these drugs but also hair loss and weight gain, none of which I can tolerate, under any circumstances. I always put on weight with meds, hair is more important to me than I can adequately express here and I can't live with an active Crohn's flare again, because, then, I have no life whatsoever.

In fact, I am not into taking meds and drugs with their side fx, and am far more into alternative options.

I am scared, concerned, and would appreciate some advice - first was this the right test? And how bad is it?

Apologies for length of this. Thank you.

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