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I am 28 years old female and have been diagnosed with osteopenia (Dexa results 1.9 spine 1.3 hip). I have been having terrible spine pain, mainly when standing or sitting. I have read several articles that say that there is no pain associated with osteopenia. My bone loss came on suddenly after taking the medication accutane. I don't think that i have any fractures. I have had an MRI on lumbar spine that came back negative. I am very petite and only way 105 pounds. I have a slight scoliosis curve in my spine. However, before my bone loss I never had back pain with my scoliosis in 27 years. I was wondering if anyone else had back, bone, or spine pain from their osteopenia? Thanks

I'm 41 and just diagnosed this month with osteopenia. I'm also petite, and most of my life I've weighed 100-125 lbs until recently. For around 8 years I've suffered with various sometimes unexplainable muscular and bone pain(some bad pain; some minor) from lower back pain, TMJ disorder, facial/nose pain. These have not been from any major injuries. I've had a back x-ray once, and two neck x-rays over the years. They all came out normal. One doctor told me I was taking too much Tylenol and prescribed Prednisone! Thank God that I didn't take it. At one point I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but another doctor said no. I still have various pains on and off. My current pcp says my posture is poor and I have a slight curvature of the spine. He said I'm having muscle spasms and gave me excercises to do. I'm currently taking Fosomax, so I'm not sure if this is adding to my pain. I tried to increase my excerise (I'm way out of shape) but since I've been getting shin pain, knee pain and now I can't walk straight because of pain at the top of my foot. Also, my back teeth are shifting. This past year, I had to have the gap filled in as if I had a cavity because it was trapping food. I've been reading up on osteoporosis and personally believe most of these were symptoms, although the doctors say osteopenia is symptomless. It could be lack of calcium as well, because I don't think I was taking or absorbing enough. I also IBS (irritable bowel). I'm seeing a specialist now, so the next time I'll ask her. Since this was my first bone scan, I'm not sure how long I've had this.
WOW Julie
Just read your post and i would say we are going thru just about the SAME stuff. Scolioisis, tmj , back pain,osteopenia. Im 49 yrs old and have always weighed between 115 and 125 myself as well. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia by two doctors as well.
I have been given fosomax but oh, have tried this experiment off and on with fosomax. Take it, my spine pain gets extremely severe. OFF of fosomax and the pain lessens. Ive tried this 4 times with the same results every time. I have now stopped it, and will discuss this with my doc next week. Don't know if she'll believe it or not, but its MY BODY and i know what is going on with it. I wont say try getting off the fosomax like i did while trying the experiment, but do discuss it with your doctor before you do anything. I am beginning to think severe pain is one of the side effects of fosomax. If it does the job, are we suppose to simply tolerate this pain??? Is it worth it? I dont know hon.
Hello--I have been reading, with great interest, these posts. My wife is also small, has rheumatoid arthritis, some scoliolsis, osteopenia, and suffers [b]death[/b] with back pain! Ever since a rear end collision last April, her pain and problems have worsened. The nurse practitioner we see ( I know we need a regular doctor!) wouldn't say it worsened her, so we could file on the other driver's insurance, but I've written her a request this a.m. to please do this.

My wife has sudden "mule kick" spasms that hit her in the back and are extremely painful. This a.m., as with many times, she woke up to pain so bad, she went into tears! This is all breaking my heart, and we both here, feel so badly for all of you. She is currently seeing a chiropractor, but this relief is only short-lived for her. The chiropractor suggested she go off the Fosamax due to taking other meds such as blood pressure, etc. The r.a. Dr. put her on Prednisone about 1997 or so, because nothing else would help, and she was nearly crippled up from the horrid pain of that. She's on that too, which isn't good, but try to quit it! So, there are medication questions here, that we feel an internal med Dr. could probably help with. She needs about 3 different doctors on all of this mess!

Many have suggested she get an MRI. One person on another forum said her brother had extensive back problems that no X-ray would touch. An MRI disclosed multiple problems that were helped with surgery. If we can get the documentation that says the wreck worsened my Barb, we can then hit on the other driver's insurance and start getting some badly needed help. We have no insurance, and can't afford the help she reall needs.

Right now, everything is just out of control, as far as any substantial help for her pain.

Thanks for allowing me to post, and we wish all of you better health and no pain!

For the past few months I have experienced some pain in the lower back. I had a DEXA test some time ago and it seems I have Osteopenia (lumbar spine total T score was: -1.1). I'm male, 26 years old. I had some calcium-related problems in the past.

I noticed a few characteristics for the back pain:

[B]- if I take anti-inflamatory pills, the pain goes away for some time, at least a bit if not all;

- when I am tired, I feel it MUCH worst. On the contrary, when I am not tired, it feels better; For example, I feel quite good in the morning when I wake up;

- when it's very intense (ie: when i'm tired), the pain goes to the hips too, but not to the legs! At that time I can bend, but quite hard and limited. During this time I feel it just like a headache, only in my lower back. I feel the blood as it is pulsed in the area, just like when you have a big headache.

- if I wrap up my back with something to keep it warm, I feel somehow better.

- the pain gets worst if I walk too much (like an hour for example), and especially in cold (winter) times.

- i feel that the root of the pain is 'somehow' in the *lumbar spine*. That is the central point from which the pain spreads throughout my back and my hips, as I feel it. So I feel it the most intense in the lumbar spine, as this would be the central point of the pain.

- when i sit down on a chair for some time, it feels worst than when i sit up.[/B]

Do any of you with osteopenia/osteoporosis recognize any symptom from this list? :wave:

Have you experienced anything like this?

I haven't taken any Fosomax, just some Vit. D + Calcium. But I see no improvement at all.

It is difficult to tell osteoporosis from osteomalacia by DEXA sometimes. Osteomalacia does cause bone pain. It can also cause secondary hyperparathyroidism which also causes bone pain. Blood work may be able to detect hyperparathyroidism altho sometimes they do a bone biopsy at the hip. Usually the blood work will be proof enough tho. It is entirely possible to have osteomalacia along with osteopenia or osteoporosis.

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