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still waiting to have another dexa test.

Regarding the Z and T scores, she said the difference is based on demographics and such being used for the Z scores, but she herself thought it very confusing. The only thing she could state for certain was that it is the T Score that the doctors (at least the ones she works with)primarily look at to determine bone loss, etc. She is going to try to speak to one of them and pin down the difference and will let me know.

Regarding vitamins, this is my regime now, although I have altered it many times over the past many many years:

-liquid cal/mag (that I told you about). It also contains vit. D, boron
-extra mag in the form of Natural Calm powder - ltsp. a day
-Omega Twin oils
-vit. K
-natural thryoid (I have Hashimotos)
-vitamin C
-Progesterone cream
- 1 or 2 times a year I take one bottle of B12
-I also take l lecithen capsule and l flush niacin a day as I tend to run high cholesterol without it.
-I just recently started taking l milk thistle as well as I have CFDS and I've been told (and feel myself) that my liver is congested. Also, I don't have a gallbladder so I think this helps balance out my liver function.

Once a week (on Sunday) I take nothing and give my system a chance to rest from supplements.

In addition, I've always tried to eat unadulterated foods and I juice vegies every day. Most of my health care is with alternative practitioners.

Mind you, I am not advocating this for anyone else. This is just what I find works for me at this particular time in my life. I'm always doing research and fine-tuning when necessary. I'm also always open to new ideas and suggestions.

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