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I hope it is o.k. to post this information on this board. I don't sell it so probably o.k.

The liquid calcium/mag with vit. D that I take is made by Innovative Natural. You can find it at health food stores such as Whole Foods. It has a slight chalky taste, nothing horrible. Considering the horrendous side effects of everything else, taste was not a big factor for me.

I take 1 tablespoon twice a day in just a little bit of water, this way, just a few gulps and its down. I can always tell whether or not I am absorbing calcium by the condition of my nails. With everything else I have tried they split, bend and peel. Since I have been taking the liquid they are finally growing strong again.

Have you ever tried that test they recommend to see if your calcium is being absorbed in your body? You take one of your pills and let it sit in 6 oz vinegar (supposedly a similar environment to our gut) for 30 minutes. After that time it should be broken down. If so, it is absorbable. I tried this on several different products and after 24 hours they still had not changed one iota!

I will never ever take the calcium drugs again. My symptoms, on all of them, were so frightening (and serious)that I was sent to 2 different specialists to determine why I was suddenly having myriad problems. Thankfully, a gastroenterologist suggested I stop the calcium drugs for 2 weeks, as he had often seen similar problems with other patients from their use. I did as he suggested and all of my symptoms disappeared.

I wish you all the best with whatever you decide to do.

btw: did you know that Kale has more calcium than milk type products? I always try to eat a lot of Kale as well.

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