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I have Crohn's, and don't want to risk taking those meds either.

Read some of my posts further down.

I am still researching. Taking calcium and taking care when I take it (making sure now to take some after dinner and, important, just before bed and not in the morning, as I used to)

I have also upped my calcium intake. To about 1,700.
Making sure to half of magnesium and about 400 to even
800 of D, plus the other minerals, and a multi-vit.

I am also taking Vitamin D (see my post below) - don't
take it if on coagulants.

And I am still researching my excerise program. Walking up stairs, and going to do some fast walking on the machine, also some weight baring ones,
although I am limited with an unstable 5th vertabrae.

I have decided not to take any drugs. I just take 2 digestive enzymes before dinner for my Crohn's, acidophilus, melatonin, and am open to taking whatever
it takes, but not drugs with all those side fx I read about here. Although some say, most people can take them without side fx, but not sure I believe that.

I am also looking into the 24 hr calcium urine test
(to see if I am absorbing the calcium) all the thyroid tests.

I think it is also important what kind of calcium you take, especially with stomach problems. Citrate is
supposed to be better. If you have a good balance of
calium and magnesium you won't get constipated or the
dreaded d.

I am also looking for an osteoporosis clinic of some kind, one with knowledge of alternative options not just knowledge of drugs.
Good luck to you.

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