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Re: Ideas
Sep 29, 2010
Hi bearcub, i feel that whether a person takes the drugs or not is a personal choice that should be made after a lot of research and asking questions. I personally would not take any of the current drugs availabe to treat osteo, although I did take actenol for 2 months before realizing that it was not for me. There are so many side effects that they know about and we can only guess how many more will show up in the future. There are exceptions where the drugs may be the only option, but for many women they can gain density without them. I feel the risk of taking the drugs is higher than the risk of of fracture that may or may not happen.

I feel a good diet, supplements and a good exercise program goes a long way in keeping not only your bones healthy, but the rest of you as well. I made the choice to go alternative by taking strontium citrate. The best thing you can do is to educate yourself so you can make an informed decision. take care...phyllis

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