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Hi OppOnn
Re your questions above: my weight training was largely a program from Miriam Nelson's book Strong Women Strong Bones which shows what exercises to do (with pictures) very clearly and understandably -- and depending on whether you are have osteoporosis or are just on a preventive program. Also has charts you can copy to keep track of your progress. It's really an excellent resource. I found this book in the public library, but it's not too expensive in paperback from I try to eat a high calcium diet, and also take 2 or 3 calcium supplements a day (currently one with boron, one with magnesium and zinc, and one with Vit D; I aim to get 1500 mg a day of calcium). Plus I take a multivitamin, C, and E daily. The sun exposure bit is important because sometimes your body does not absorb the oral vit. D very well. From everything I have read, you need about one quarter the amount of time it would take to make your skin begin to turn pink, several times a week. So that is individual depending on your latitude, time of year, time of day, skin color, etc. But it is the best way to be sure you are getting the D you need which is vital to absorbing calcium. A lot of research is showing that lack of vit D is a factor in various cancers and diseases besides osteoporosis. For the lady who had declining BMD no matter what she did dietarily and otherwise, I would say, don't give up on the lifestyle changes. You may need to take a medication, but the lifestyle things will help to make it more effective. Osteoporosis is not an easy thing to reverse and medication is sometimes necessary. Don't feel bad if you need to go that route. I may have to at some point, but I want to know that I am doing everything else health-wise that I can do to improve my situation now (and then too!).

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