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hi, I am new to this, But i have had a hump on my lower neck( or you could say upper back) as long as i can remember. I am 29 years old. I remember having a boyfriend make a comment on it when I was 19 years old. and it is much bigger now. My daughter last night said something about it.( she is 8 years old) I wear my hair long because of this (so no one can see it)
I have been bulimic sense 13 years old.( NO ONE and i mean NO ONE in my family knows this about me! and now i am thinking i may have dowagers hump. What do I do? How do i even begain to ask my doctor about this. What kind of test should i ask to run on me, or will the Doctor tell me?
I know it has gotten bigger over my 20's....and i wounder if it will keep growing.....where do i even start?

You all should go see a doctor and point out the hump before it gets worse and the rest of your spine becomes effected by not being in the correct position. Is it causing you pain? It could be from a fractured vertebrae which is causing your spine to lean over itself. There is vertebroplasty where they pump up the area, straighten it out, and then inject a type of bone cement in to repair the fracture. I don't know how involved the surgery is but you could check it out.
Many X-ray's only show bone.
This might not be bone.
An MRI will tell you what it is.

My brothers girlfriend had a huge hump removed.. it was simply a monster cyst.
I never even knew she had it but yes it had been there for years and was "hump" that made her back look curved and that is why she wore long hair.
Now she has a nice short haircut and no humped back.

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