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Tilly, I am new at this too, as I just learned yesterday I was osteopenic. But I am only 42, premenopausal, with a healthy lifestyle, so I was greatly disturbed and immediately began researching the internet. I too did not understand the scores on the DEXA, so I looked up on the internet "DEXA scan scores." I learned that for the T-Scores, -1 to -2.5 is considered osteopenia, over -2.5 is osteoporosis, and under -1 is normal. For example...this is the way I interpreted my results from this info...My spine -1.700 (osteopenic), lateral spine -1.833 (osteopenic), left hip -1.672 (osteopenic), left femoral neck -1.892 (osteopenic), forearm -0.300 (normal). By this info, I am guessing my left femoral neck to be the worst, and of course my arm the best because it showed normal.

I see my doc next week. I'm thinking just for now, faithful exercise, lots of calcium, and in one year do a repeat scan to compare and this way we can determine the rate of loss. Then we can go from there regarding any medications, once we see how fast I am losing. This is only my idea that maybe I will present to my doctor and see what she says about this approach. I too am not anxious to start any prescriptions. The only way to know how rapid the loss is, is to do a repeat scan in time. Hope this helps!

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