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Went to first appointment with my GYN doc to go over my DEXA results (scores range from -1.672 to -1.892). I am premenopausal, age 41. I was in the office for no more than three minutes and she said she wanted to put me on Fosamax. She said my osteopenia was mild, that I was in the lower limits of being abnormal (??), and when I asked then why she wanted to treat with Fosamax for "mild" osteopenia, she said it was to give me a boost before I hit menopause (??) When I suggested concentrating on good weight-bearing exercises and adequate calcium and then rechecking in a year, she said that I cannot build bone without medicines, and she is afraid that in the 2-year period of time, until a recheck DEXA, things could be worse. When I asked her about the bad side effects of the Fosamax, she said I'm only hearing the bad cases, and that there are many women out there taking it with no side effects at all that I just don't here about. That still was not enough to convince me, and I asked for a second opinion. She gladly offered me an opinion with an endocrinologist. I asked her about hormone testing, progesterone cream, spine x-rays (as I have chronic thoracic back pain and have lost 1.5 inches of height in 15 years), and she was not interested in any testing at all. She said she can't test my progesterone level because it changes and fluctuates daily, and did not want me to use progesterone cream (although she did agree that this does build bone), because if it is too much than it puts me at risk for breast cancer. As long as I was not having menopausal symptoms, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, etc., she did not feel it necessary to test any hormones. This is the same doc who told me on my yearly exam in June, when I questioned her about the need for a DEXA scan due to my height loss, and we were discussing my calcium intake, that I cannot possibly drink enough milk to get enough calcium. As she put it, I could drink a gallon a day and still not get the calcium that I need, and that milk has very little calcium!!! She did not want to answer my questions nor entertain any other treatment. It was easier for her to just refer me off to another doctor to answer the questions, while charging me 70 dollars for her 10 minutes time. Also, she told me not to focus on the issue too much or to over-analyze! I'm wondering if it is time for a new doc?!

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