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You can get your doctor to arrange for the 24 hour calcium urine test to see if you are absorbing calcium.

And the Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy test to see if you are absorbing the Vit D, equally important, especially if you don't get enough sun.

I take Life Extension's easy to swallow slim capsules called Bone Assure during the day and the Innovative Natural Liquid Calcium and Magnesium, as recommended by Perigrene, at night because I can't swallow too much at night. Which means I am taking about 1,800 mgs a day of calcium. My new interesting doctor went thru what I am taking and says it is OK.
Our body can only absorb so much so I may have expensive urine!

It is important, I have researched, to take some before sleeping at night, the best time for the bones.

Make sure you take half the amount of magnesium, and
enough Vit D - 400 to 800 max IU.

I also take 10 mgs of Vitamin K to help the calcium reach the bones.

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