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I've recently called the endocrinologist I had seen two weeks ago for test results. I am 41, premenopausal, with mild to moderate osteopenia. She did a panel of labs including hormones, thyroid, etc. etc., and these are all normal, however, the nurse would not give me the results to my thoracic and lumbar spine films over the phone. She could only tell me that "there were old changes, nothing new or acute." Well, this kind of language is usually referring to old fractures seen in bones. The x-rays were done for shrinkage and pain in my back. I'm fearing when I go in to see her in three weeks she is going to tell me there are old compression fractures showing. I keep thinking back to just a couple of years ago when I was acting like a kid on the trampoline with the kids in our back yard, falling and bouncing onto my back, rollercoasters I've been on, etc. etc. This is scary! I do step aerobics now and have been doing jumping vertically as I read this was excellent for osteoporosis, however, now I feel like I have to be careful at least until I see the doc again. :( Can anybody relate to compression fractures of the spine??

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