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I see a rheumatologist who specialises in joint and bone disease. My scores are -3.7 pretty much in that area in the whole body so my Dr sent me to him. I'm not knocking naturopath medicene as all forms of help have their place. I tried to go that way only to get worse and really the bottom line is diet and exercise and anyone can practice that. I was put on actenol for awhile then I dropped it cuz I wanted to go strictly diet and exercise and I loss more bone mass that year to. So I've gone back on the actenol again, as now my exercise regime is limited to a brisk walk of 30 minutes everyday, where as before I was allowed to do a little jog in my routine. so it really isn't something to mess around with. Also have you had the urine test to see if you have trouble absorbing calcium or Vit D? If you have trouble absorbing either it can be more complicated to deal with. I also have several other medical conditions to deal with as well and the last thing one needs is fracturing the vertebrae just by sitting down. I've already had 2 bone fractures in the feet and one in the wrist. You need to start taking a calcium supplement everyday like Os-Cal or anything on that order, I drink and eat calcium enriched everything and remember your body only absorbs 500miligrams at a time so split the supplements to one am and one pm or however you like.

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