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I hope this is helpful for any premenopausal women diagnosed with osteopenia, as I am. I went to see the endocrinologist today, referral from the GYN. Now, keeping in mind that my GYN doc wanted to put me on Fosamax. I'm age 41 and premenopausal with T-scores from -1.69 something to -1.89 something. This is the way the endocrin. explained it to me: The DEXA scan, and all treatments are geared for postmenopausal women, not premenopausal. My scores would indicate that a woman in postmenopause may have bone loss, but not necessarily a premenopausal woman. She said that in a healthy premenopausal woman it may simply indicate that your bones never reached maximum average density for a 30 year old, perhaps because of genetics, poor diet, lack of calcium, etc. etc. For me, my body build has a lot to do with it, and my family history--all genetic causes, NOT a process going on in my body to cause actual bone loss. She said if the bone building/shedding process is balanced normally, there is no need for medicine to help balance something that is already balanced and working fine, such as Fosamax, progesterone cream, isofavanoids, etc. etc. In other words, don't try to fix something that isn't broken. She encouraged trying to maintain what I have through diet, calcium, minerals, and lots of exercise. When menopause hits, then that is the time to take more aggressive action to prevent any bone loss from occurring. She, of course, drew lots of blood to test my hormones, thyroid, vitamin D level, etc. etc. just to be certain there is not a process going on that could affect the bone building/shedding process, but she suspected that I was simply a healthy 41-year-old who never reached full bone density before leveling off at age 30. I felt so much better hearing this explanation, and it make a lot of sense to me. Oh, and she did tell me to continue drinking my milk, as it is very helpful in my calcium intake, and she had no reason to believe my body would not absorb this well. Anyway, I hope this helps someone as it did me. P.S.- the bad news is she found a goiter, or a nodule on my thyroid incidentally. What the heck!! Just my luck to go to the doctor feeling healthier than a horse and then find something unsuspecting! :( Any feedback welcome!

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