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nvmom - my endocrinologist said that Fosamax is used to correct the off-balanced cycle the bones go through of sloughing off bone and building replacement bone. The osteoblast versus osteoclast procedure. The osteoclasts slough off bone, and the osteoblasts build new replacement bone. When these are out of balance, more osteoclasts than osteoblasts, then it creates an imbalance which leads to bone loss. She said the Fosamax corrects this mechanism. But she also told me that in a healthy, premenopausal women with plenty of estrogen yet in her body, and healthy otherwise, there should be no role for Fosamax to correct this cycle, as this cycle should be already balanced just fine. She said my osteopenia (age 41 and premenopausal) is probably just an indication that my bone density simply never reached the average normal bone density of a 30 year old before it leveled off, not necessarily true bone loss. Hope this helps your understanding of the role of Fosamax :)

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