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Hi! I wouldn't necessarily rule out the chiropractor yet, at least until you have further testing done. I too am diagnosed with osteopenia, age 41, and am premenopausal, small frame, with strong family history. The endocrinologist, who is a specialist in this area, did a spine x-ray because of 1.5 inches loss of height and back pain. It showed an old fracture, however, she said it was not caused from the osteopenia in my spine as she said the osteopenia was not bad enough to have actually caused a fracture (-1.74 on T-score), but probably from an old injury that I am not aware of.

You really need to get to a doctor, any doctor to start with, just to get the full bone density ordered and performed, and then go from there. You're lucky to discover this so early; now you can begin taking preventative measures with extra calcium, diet supplements/changes, and exercise. You can also start educating yourself through articles, internet, boards like this one, etc. etc. There is a lot of good stuff out there. I ended up at an endocrinologist's office because my GYN doctor wanted to put me on Fosamax, and I said no. She referred me to the endocrin., and she told me that I did not need the Fosamax. I have a good post on the board "Hopefully helpful for premenopausal with osteopenia." It is kind of old, but I explain what the endocrinol. said about my osteopenia, and it made good sense to me. Bottom line is, the more time you have to take care of this early in life, the better you will be in the long-run. Early diagnosis is good. This is your chance to get wise about the disease and prevent progression of it. Good luck, and welcome to a great board of people and info! :)

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