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New input...saw a doc I've had confidence in today for three other issues.(Doctor of Physical Medicine) He gave helpful info, then I asked about Actonel, Fosamax, et al. He described the chemical action skyeagle outlined, but in an abbreviated form.

I asked "aren't we creating fossils rather than living bone?" He gave me the "making the bones stronger by making them denser" drill. (Realized when I got home I
should have asked if arthritis and bone spurs are caused by calcium that doesn't slough off, wouldn't this treatment add to it?)

I did ask about GERD, and why would you take something that would make it worse. He says it's an irritant, and people with Esophagus probs sometimes have trouble swallowing it. "If I tell you studies show that 1 in a 100 people have that reaction, and you're the one, you'll be mad at me. If you're not that one, it's the best treatment we have."

I didn't bring up HRT, which I refused years before I knew him. Realized today, I don't like anything that
changes he way my body naturally functions, even if it
is naturally declining with age. Unlike the others, he seemed sad that there wasn't more to offer. But I asked "what did we do before?". He said..."had fractures, lived with a lot of pain".

Today was the first visit when I felt that he was thinking I was being silly. But, as he was filling out appropriate forms, he said..."if you don't take it, make sure you get 1200 mgs of calcium, and 500 of vitamin D every day." I hadn't known the vitamin D part.

Read a flyer I picked up at the PT...calcium can not be absorbed in amounts over 500-600 mg at one time, so one should space out the doses. Vitamin D,tho, can be absorbed in one shot. (And too much vitamin D can make you as sick as too little.)

So, reviewed my habits, figured out a new routine.
The only way I'll know if it's working is if I don't
break anything! Pretty damn weird life in the 21st

Best to all-
Jim's girl
Yes, it does take research to put it together.

And it does seem a bit like Russian Roulette to me since it seems it takes 2 years for any
changes to show on the bone density test.

But I'm with you, Jim's girl.

As far as magnesium is concerned, it can send one to the toilet with loose bowels, but
the calcium balances that because calcium on its own makes one constipated.

My rheumie told me I can take up to 800 IU of D. And, in fact, he said I could take more,
since I am low on it, but I am not.

Don't forget the Vitamin K to help the c alcium get to the bones. We need all the help
we can get because not all is actually absorbed.

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