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Hi Judy, i had a DEXA after taking strontium for 9 months(including the 30day stop) and it did show gains, after 2 years even more. At the 2 year scan i showed a 14% overall improvement and when i took off the max 50% overestimation it was still 7% which to me was still a good gain. It took me to the low end of osteopenia in my hips and the upper middle of of osteopenia in the lumbar spine. My original scores weren't that bad to begin with. I hope with the next one they'll both be in the normal range.

Here's a thought...maybe by stopping for 30 days its still in your bones, but doesn't show up as much on the xray. Who knows :confused:.

It would be great if strontium did get the FDA stamp of approval so doctors would prescribe it, but then i wonder how much it would cost. I've heard that the strontium renalate, Protelos, is very expensive and that could be the same with whatever the pharma companies come up with here. Personally, i hope i can keep getting it OTC. I know its affordable and works. take care, phyllis

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