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I happen to believe (as apparently do many others), that even if we lose bone density, we can still have STRONG bones. The DEXA scans cannot reveal that and most docs and big pharma would have you believe otherwise. Remember, Osteo is BIG BUSINESS for big pharma:mad:

Try reading ''The Myth of Osteoporosis'' by Gillian Sanson. I'm NOT saying that Osteo is a myth (it's not), but it's certainly NOT the terrible, life-threatening disease (as least for most of us), that pharmaceutical companies try to convince us of day after aggravating day with their non-stop advertising pushing their pills. Remember the Sally Fields one for Boniva? She's still at it! But I for one, don't believe she actually takes it;) Anyway, the Gillian Sanson book is, IMHO a MUST READ and might help you look at the whole Osteo situation from a different perspective.


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