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Hello, my daughter has been having lots of pain in her low back. The Dr. thought it could be something with her kidney or a kidney stone. But when tests proove nothing is wrong with the urineary system the Dr. orders a bone density scan. We got the results today, and we are alittle confused. Her spine from L1 to L4 is normal in the bone scan. But scan indicated that her hip was not normal, and here is the scores: T-score of - 1.9 and a Z score of -1.9, the result: Bone mineral density of the hip is compatible with osteopenia. Is this osteoporosis? Or the onset? The reason this is strange to us is because, I thought this sort of thing hits in the older ages, my daughter just turned 20 last month. But osteoporosis runs on her dads side of the family & on mine as well, my mother has it. Afetr doing some research it seams that she is on the higher end of the 2.5 meaning osteoporosis. could someone shed some light on this matter for us? We will go in hopefully tommorow to get the Dr. advice. thanks so much.

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