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sorry to hear about your diagnosis and stress fracture. It was very shocking when I got my first DEXA scan and found out my T scores were in the minus 3.0 or worse.

Are you seeing a specialist or primary care? Anyways, I'd ask for more testing to find out the underlying reason you have low bone density so that can be treated. It does sound like you were ingesting enough calcium and Vit D and doing weight bearing activities. Let us know more when you find out.
Will the GP refer you to the rheumatologist instead of having himself to talk to the doctor. It would be much better if you could get a consult and discuss the causes, medication, etc., directly. I agree about holding off on the Fosamax until you see a specialist and hear what your options are. I took one Fosamax pill and my stomach was on fire and I had to get off of it. Where is your stress fracture located. I have fractures in my spine but no where else.
Glad you got to see a specialist. So your tests are ok but you have osteoporosis? Are they sure the anke fracture it is a stress fracture? You didn't roll your foot or twist your ankle somehow to cause this fracture? How long have you been wearing the air cast?

I understand your fear about getting a fracture when you start running again. It is possible to have your ankle area checked for osteoporosis to get a specific reading in that area. It won't explain why you have osteoporosis but may answer some questions as to why you got the fracture.

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