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I'm 20 and have been suffereing from Anorexia for nearly 4 years, my periods stopped 3 and a half years ago.
I had a bone scan a few weeks ago and got the results in therapy last Monday. I have advance osteoporosis (I think can't remember the exact words)
I've been told to avoid stairs and carrying heavy loads but my student flat has no lift so I've had to use them then. What else should I avoid?
I havn't told my parents yet. Anyone any advice when it comes to telling them the news?
Hi Olivia and welcome to the board :wave:. My first question is to ask if you are going to address the anorexia and try to come to terms with it? That would be the first step in making repairs to your bones. You are very young to have severe osteo, but are young enough to make some positive lifestyle changes that could help you immensely. Improving your health in general and getting the needed help to do so will help quite a bit. Talk to a physical therapist who can give you all the dos and don'ts in regard to exercise, movement and staying fracture free. A few things that you want to keep in mind are to bend from from the hips, lift with bent knees, avoid twisting motions and be aware of how you move. You've had this for quite a while without breaking anything and lead an active life, so now that you know just be aware.

As for telling your parents just sit down with them and tell them what you were told. They probably already know about the anorexia and if they have done reading about that they know about the risk to your bones as well as other health factors that come with it. Be honest and keep your cool when discussing things. I have 2 grown kids so i know how difficult this will be for you, but your parents love you and will be understanding of what you tell them.

Another thing you can do is to read The Myth of Osteoporosis by Gillian Sanson. Its a very informative book that will help you understand osteo. Its a different perspective from other books that will help you get over the shock of the news. Its been very helpful to many of us here on the board. Keep us posted on how you are doing. There are a lot of "mom" types here who will be glad to help you. take care...phyllis
Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, it's a good thing you found out while your young so you have lots of time to work on increasing your bone density. I assume your being treated for Anorexia~my understanding is maintaining a healthy, balanced diet will help your bone density improve. I have very low bone density and I climb stairs and walk up/down hills when my degenerative disc problem allows, the osteoporosis doesn't effect that but I'm careful. I don't walk inclines outside when the pavement is wet or rocky where I might fall. My guess is your doctor wants to decrease your risk of falling so he recommended not walking up/down stairs. The main thing is not falling so you don't get fractures or break a hip. I can't carry heavy items anyways but I'd just be careful, it seems like normal stuff like carrying in a bag of groceries or light books would be ok. Ask before you lift weights at the gym. You probably want to get a copy of the bone scan results so you can be well informed about your condition. I hope this information helps.

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