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This is a link on Forteo. I've never taken it or any other osteoporosis medication. Other drugs have been linked to bone death (necrosis) in the jaw.

There is a huge myth about milk in America. Yes, it's full of calcium, but that calcium isn't readily absorbed into your bones unless it's raw. Most milk sold in American stores is not raw, but pasteurized and homogenized. This makes it acidic and harder to digest. It can actually leach calcium out of your bones instead of making them stronger! That's why my bones got stronger after I stopped drinking milk.

People in countries that use little or no milk actually have stronger bones. Lots of Africans don't drink milk and they have very strong bones. People who eat healthy, organic diets have less risk of osteoporosis. There's also a genetic component (you can inherit it). But my mother has it, and I don't. She drinks lots of milk, and I don't.

I wonder if Vitamin D deficiency is causing your mother's joints and bones to ache? I had a lot of pain before I got my vitamin D levels back up to normal. Make sure you buy D3 supplements, and don't bother with prescription Vitamin D - it didn't work for me at all. But the supplements you buy in the store are quite effective - it got my D levels back up to normal, and my pain went away. Menopause made my bones ache, too. I'm on hormone supplements now, but not everybody can take those safely. Best of luck to you and your mother. It's hard to trust American medicine, I'm sorry to say. A lot of people have the same story I do.

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