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HI younggranny, I've been taking strontium citrate for almost 5 years and YES, it has helped. I have seen gains in both hips and lumbar spine. Without knowing her scores taking strontium can help get her numbers closer to the "normal" range. I've had no side effects at all from taking it, but since we are all different she'll have to try it and see how it works for her. You do need to take calcium along with the strontium, but NOT at the same time, the 2 need to be spread out out by several hours. If she doesn't have a fitness routine she may want to start weight training and weight bearing exercises. She could talk to her doctor or a trainer to find what's good for her to do. I also reccommend reading the book The Myth of Osteoprosis by Gillian Sanson, it is loaded with good info that isn't always covered in the more mainstream books on osteo. Good luck to your sister, a few lifestyle cahnges will get her on the road to keeping her bones strong. take care...phyllis.

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