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[QUOTE=jacal5;4723435]Everyone I know who had their gall bladders removed are on cholesterol lowering medication, so I was wondering if you are on statin drugs, like Lipitor.

Statin drugs move the cholesterol out of your bloodstream and into the gall bladder, thus the need for gall bladder removal in some people. Statins can also cause digestive problems. Many people are on statin drugs unnecessarily because doctors are not giving them the proper cholesterol tests.

The cholesterol numbers are not the entire story, particle size of the good (should be small) and bad cholesterol (should be large) is the key to whether you need the statins or not, but doctors who practice internal medicine don't offer the particle testing (VAP test). They either don't know about it, or are unwilling to test you because then they can't push the statin drugs on you. I wonder how many gall bladders have been removed unnecessarily because doctors gave patients statins they didn't need???

The VAP test also shows a separate risk factor for heart disease called Lpa protein, which the regular cholesterol testing doesn't give you. I think there are a few other more sophisticated cholesterol tests out there now in addition to the VAP.

Since the calcium you took bothered you, maybe when you are feeling better you could try E-Zorb, you have to order it on-line. E-Zorb is organic calcium in capsule or power form that disburses in the small intestine, so there is no need for participation of Vitamin D for absorption, and E-Zorb calcium doesn't migrate to other areas of the body, like calcium carbonate, according to the manufacturer. I take four capsules daily, and it's never caused stomach upset or bothered me in any way. I found out about E-zorb on this board.

Anyway, you are on the right track now in protecting your bones, there are many knowledgeable posters here on this subject, much more than I am, you will never find a better resource about bone health than this board, not even from a doctor.[/QUOTE]

Thanks again for your response! I am so thankful for this forum! I will look into E-Zorb.

I do not have high cholesterol, at my check up last year my total cholesterol was 217; Trigyceridess: 51; HDL: 81; LDL: 126. My doctor has never suggested statin drugs, and if she did, I would refuse to take them. My DH has taken Zocor and suffered tremendous muscle pains. He no longer takes statin drugs.

I had my gallbladder removed February 1, 2011; I suffer from Post Gallbladder Surgery Syndrome, too much bile acids causing severe diarrhea. Funny, my 84 year old mother and Aunt both had their's out and they bounced back to life the next day, but not me...:dizzy: I have to be very careful of what I eat, it has to be low fat and not many foods appeal to me yet. The drug I am currently trying out, Welchol(Colesevelam) belongs to a class of drugs called bile acid-binding resins. Bile acid is a natural substance the liver makes by using cholesterol. This medication works by removing bile acid from the body. For people like me, the medication hopefully will bind with the bile acid in my stomach and keep it from irritating my intestines! :dizzy: Yes, I have wondered how many gallbladders have been removed unnecessarily, but in my case, I was so sick off and on, then this winter I lost 13 pounds in a month; that's when my doctor finally figured out what was the matter with me. I am far better off without it, I have no regrets. Just want to get better.

Once again, I am so glad I found this forum, I feel a lot more optimistic about the whole thing. I just received my book The Myth Of Osteoporosis, so excited to finish the book tonight. Thanks again! Ruth

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