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I've been on Reclast since it came out and have had 4 infusions so far. My osteoporosis has significantly improved. Yes, I've had a ton of problems from it but most have been of the GI variety and blood pressure, heart rate problems. My doc is happy enough with the results so far that he will stop the infusions and we will instead, concentrate of Vit D and calcium levels to keep up the good response.

I suspect that your osteoporosis is the cause of all the spine problems you are having. You describe a classic case of osteoporosis of the spine along with degenerative disk disease(fancy word for osteoarthritis of the spine).

As for the hip pain, the problem with Reclast is a particular type of fracture of the femur that can be caused by Reclast.....not the hip. The thigh bone takes a lot of pressure on it and if you think of it, the lower leg has 2 bones to take our body weight and the thigh has just 1. And it gets brittle from Reclast and then breaks.

Let me know what the pain doc says. Has anyone suggested you see a spine surgeon for your back? You might need surgery eventually and one thing I can tell you is that you need to find the very best you can find and afford. The spine is no place for an "ordinary" doc to deal with. You need the best you can get. Experience and brains counts with the spine. I've learned from experience.

Sorry you hurt so much. Been there.

Gentle hugs..........

Jenny(fused C3 to T1)

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