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Re: Unsure...
Jun 9, 2011
Hello Costaricafinca, welcome to the board :wave:. The only places that are checked when i have a DEXA are hips and lumbar spine. I think when other posters refer to their osteo is it usually in those 2 places. Not everyone gets other parts of their bodies scanned like you did. With scores like yours it makes me curious as to why your dr. is encouraging you to take Reclast or any of the other drugs since you have seen improvements with the things you're doing now. When your dr. suggested the Reclast he was giving you his thoughts on how to treat your osteo. It's up to you to decide if you will take his advice or do as you have been doing. There is a lot of osteo info online that you could read that would help you make a decision that you can live with. take care...phyllis

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