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First of all, I never had osteoporosis - just slight osteopenia, and never had any fractures or serious symptoms, but I thought my story might be worth reading. The disease does run in my family.

I increased my bone density from 85% to 95% (normal) by doing the following:

- Eliminating most dairy products, especially milk and ice cream. I still eat cheese and yogurt.
- Eliminating soda pop completely.
- Cutting back sugar by about 80 to 90% (depending on the week). That includes natural fruit juice - sugar is sugar.
- Keeping coffee intake to two cups a day.
- Take hormone supplements for menopause.
- Take 2000 IU of Vitamin D3 every day.

I never took a prescription for it, and never would. I'd rather have brittle bones than take that stuff. I'm not athletic at all, but I keep my weight normal by diet. I don't smoke or drink.

Pasteurized dairy and other pasteurized foods (which includes fruit juice!) leach calcium from your bones, as does sugar, soda, coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol. D3 helps your bones absorb calcium and makes you feel a lot better. Raw dairy is healthy, if you can find it, but nobody actually needs it.

The horror stories I've heard about bone-building drugs have convinced me to never, ever, ever try them. You can set a broken bone, but it's much harder to treat necrosis of the jaw.

My message: What you DON'T put in your body is just as important as what you do. And it's not easy, but it worked for me.

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