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HI percan, welcome to the board :wave:. First of also call your doctor and ask for a copy of the DEXA report. Until you know what your scores are its hard to get a handle on things. You are already doing all the right things so you don't have to make lifestyle changes. Did your doctor ask you about family history or did he just go by the numbers and get out his script pad? I imagine you have lots of questions that need answered, so write them down and either call the office and talk to the dr. or make another appointment.

When first DX the natural reaction is fear of doing anything, even the things you've been doing for years. Give yourself time to get used to the idea and then make yur decision on how YOU want to treat your osteo. I recommend going to the library and getting a copy of [I]The Myth of Osteoporosis[/I] by Gillian Sanson. Its a different kind of osteo book that will help you put the DX into perspective and help alleviate some of the fear. Its been very helpful to many after they learn their bones are less than perfect.

You are still the same person you were before the doctor told the news and if he didn't take the time to explain what your scores meant he wasn't doing his job. Fear is a big issue when told you have osteo. Also, there is a big difference between bone density and bone strength. Its too bad there isn't a test to measure that aspect of bone health. If there is such a test i'm not familiar with it.

When i was first DX i felt the same way even though my scores weren't too bad. I went thru a stage where, like you, i afraid to do the things i'd been doing forever. I got over that and now do what i want, but try to use good body mechanics and common sense. One last thought, even with osteo there is no way of knowing if you will or won't ever break a bone. People with "perfect" density break bones and people with osteo may never, its all luck of the draw.

WE are the same age and have many good active years a head of us. Stop beating yourself up, go for a walk and clear your head of the scary thoughts. Right now not knowing your scores is adding to your stress and we know that stress isn't good for our bones or any other part of us.

There are a whole bunch of women here who will help you thru this. If you have questions just ask. OH, and take a break from reading on the internet, there is so much info out there that it gets overwhelming. Have a good weekend...take care...phyllis

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