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Osteopenia in hips
Sep 1, 2011
Well I have osteopenia, which probably turned into Osetoporosis, as I didn’t take Calcium supplements, in my hips, and I had a few x rays and I have missing cartilage, that was prevalent since birth, in my hips. I have gone to the arthritis doc about my hip problems a few times, and he says since I’m not in intense pain and because I’m so young (31) that a hip replacement is generally out of the question. He just tells me to take pain relievers. I did try glucosmaine/chondroitin supplements, and they help tremendously, the only thing is the glucosamine really elevates my blood sugars.

Now I hardly feel any pain at all, it’s just that when my blood sugars go lower then normal, (and it’s next to impossible, if you have diabetes, to keep them normal 100% of the time) my feet get really difficult to pick up, and my hips, while still don’t hurt, I do notice some discomfort.

A few years ago, I began having difficulty with balance. But since I began taking Citracal, it has improved. If I could take glucosmaine products I’d be fine, but in my situation, I’m damned if I do, screwed if I don’t. Does anyone have any suggestions about what I should do about my hip? Any input is appreciated.

Edit: I have been reading alot, and am considering taking strontium citrate again. I took it before, but I had terrible side pains after I took it. A few weeks later I found out I had a large kidney stone!
I don't think the strontium caused the kidney stones. I would try it again and see what
happens, remember not to take it with calcium. I have also added lots of DHA and Epa
it does help the joints. I take 1,250 mg twice a day.

Just keep trying and it moving.[/QUOTE]

Hi, thanks for responding. yea I had the kidney stone for some time before it was diagnosed. Taking the strontium just caused it to move, and that = pain. At the time I didn't know I had a stone, I thought it was the strontium, but I endured the pain for quite a while, eventually I went to a urologist and ended up needing surgery to blast the stone apart.

I bought a bottle of stontium citrate today. If I feel nothing after the bottle is empty, I doubt I'll continue it. That stuff ain't cheap and I take enough pills so as it is!

What is DHA and EPA? I've been searching for joint support that doesn't effect my blood sugars.

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