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Hi Dorri,
Yes I mean muscle spasms that knot up like charlie horses but in places like my hip, shoulder blades, rib cage, and neck. The ones in my rib cage/neck felt like all of my ribs were going to pop off. It's very painful as you know.

I wouldn't go on this or any other osteo medication without getting the tests for calcium level, Vit D level recommended by the drug compay etc., It's too dangerous. Do you see a specialist or go to a primary care doctor? The specialists should know better. Can you change doctors?

Today I got a message from my specialist that so far no patients were reporting muscle spasms and it's not a reported side effect. There's no other explanation for me getting so many of these and since I got the injection of Prolia. Everyone reacts differently to medications. Let us know what you decide to do.

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