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I have anorexia nervosa for 7 years i am 33 now , so my doctor told me 3 years ago (december 2008) to have a dexa scan, the results were: t-score -2.20 and z-score =-2.11. i didnít take any therapy i only tried to gain some weight and take as much calcium as i could.So i did an new dexa scan this year on August but in another center, the results t-score= -2.6 and z-score= -2.6. i had a shock , i couldnít believe it. I went to a doctor and he told me that my situation is very bad and i must do as soon as i possible the aclasta injection. I couldnít believe how could my scores be so bad so i decided to do another dexa scan in the first center so i could see how much was the difference. And itís saws t-score -1.95 and z-score -1.86 .The results were better. I didnít go for the injection. But still donít know what i have. Osteoporosis or osteopenia? The sure is that my bones are thin. I went to the doctor that watches me all these years and he send me to another Endocrinology doctor in the clinic. When he saw the dexa scan he told me that everything was ok and it could be fixed with calcium and good nutrition, but he decided that i should do a new scan there in his office, the results t-score: -2.6 and zscore -2.6. Dissapointed again. Who can i trust ? what do i have? Is it possible to have t-score and z score the same -2.6. Please help me?
Thanks for your reply :). I must admit that reading this forum make me feel much better, because i realise that there are and other people even at my age with the some problem. I freaked out with the results, not because i care so much for these numbers, i have realised that my bones are for sure thin, but here in my country ( i am from greece) when the doctors see -2.5 they told me oh donít worry we can fix it again, but when they see -2.6 they told me that this canít be fixed and we must keep it this way, and especially the first endocrinologist (the one with the aclasta injection) told me that i canít have a family and in the next years i will have a fracture, i didnít do the aclasta injection because my motherís cousin was in a coma for 6 months and i was scared.Anyway, the only doctor that didnít advice me to take pills is my psychologist who has seen other patients of him(he is an expert in anorexia) to build bones, but of course the score was osteopenia then. Now i only wait to see the second endocrinologist who will discuss the problem with my phycologist in one month(i must do some blood tests first) and we will see, but he even told me that we must keep it this way... So the last 3 weeks i only trying to eat so i can gain some weight i have lost 4 kilos with these situation i couldnít sleep and eat alot, i take my supplements and waiting... With that situation my anorexic problem came back. Thatís the big problem with this disease. And i thought i had it in control

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