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Hi all,

I'm new to this osteoporosis board and still have so much to learn.

After having my second dexa in Nov., my doctor gave me a copy of the report and told me I have severe osteoporosis (T -4.0), [I]but only in one area.*[/I] I was shocked, since the previous test in 2009 was normal. We did not have a lot of time to talk, but he really wanted me to start treatment right away. We discussed a couple of options and I am scheduled for a reclast infusion Monday.

But after checking out Reclast's side effects further as well as all the alternative choices, I am considering postponing or cancelling the infusion until I've had a chance to speak with him the following week.

Here's my question: [B]have any of you had the jaw bone problem? How about persistent joint/bone/muscle pain? Any other serious side effects?[/B] :confused: Did you consider trying lifestyle changes first? (excercise, etc.)

If not, what was your experience with these two treatments?

Thanks for any insight or thoughts!

sharpmama :wave:

* PS- the only place I have the osteoporosis is the neck of my right femur, one of many bones & joints that spent MONTHS in a full body cast following an accident when I was 2 1/2 years old! I've not broken anything since and was very physically active for years afterwards. I suspect this area became osteoporotic because of the above experience AND the soft tissue cortisone injections (I also have severe osteoarthritis, a subset of osteoarthritis) and steroid epidural injections for my lower back pain due to the arthritis).

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