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I have had issues with low back soreness and flares of pain since being bumped by a mini van while riding my bike down a street in August (she pulled out of a driveway too far and apparently didnt see me; I managed to stay on my bike but was jarred pretty good and knocked sideways and my bike suffered damage). I also have osteoporosis, diagnosed at the age of 34 in 2006 with T score -3.2 in my spine. Since then it has improved to -3.0 with various treatments and lifestyle changes. I am extremely active and eat very healthy but I still worry a lot about my bones and I am slightly underweight. After my most recent flareup I saw my primary doctor and she recommended a chiropractor. The first one I saw twice and did not care for at all. He was young, didnt listen to me much, and was set on doing things a certain way that I didnt care for. After my first adjustment with him I strained a rib or muscle between it very badly and could barely breath without pain. He wanted to adjust me the second time but I couldnt even lay on the table I was in so much pain. I left there and never went back. Then my Mom suggested her chiropractor who she has been seeing for years (that should have been clue number one since she was in so much pain over christmas we had to cancel it for a week). This doctor took xrays and spent an hour getting my history and showing me the xrays and I thought he seemed to know what he was talking about. He said my lower spine was subluxed to the right and it showed on the xray (but I also have mild scoliosis). My discs are still very healthy though, no compression. He was sure he could straighten my spine and thought it was due to the bike accident. He has been there for 30 years. I specifically told him I did not want any cracking done to me. My first adjustment involved some kind of small hand device (adjustor?) and that was ok. My second adjustment he was rougher with the hand tool and then decided to crack my back after all without telling me specifically what he was going to do. That made me upset but still I said nothing because I trusted him. I felt very sore after that but not too bad. no better. But yesterday he cracked my upper back and I immediately felt severe pain. It took some time to get my breath back. I was so scared and upset I couldnt even say much. He had me go get "treatment" in another room which was electrical stimulators attached to my back to provide some kind of massage. I left there in tears and called later to say I was not going back. I am so done with chiropractors. In the meantime my upper back, which did not hurt in the least before, is now extremely sore and painful on palpation near the spine.

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? Feeling worse and in pain after seeing a chiropractor when you have osteoporosis? I always thought it was too risky for someone with osteoporosis to see a chiropractor and indeed even the Mayo clinic site says this but my own doctor sent me to one and the two I saw didnt seem to be too worried. I would be interested in hearing others experiences, positive or negative. I just dont understand why I keep experiencing so much pain after being adjusted where there wasnt pain before. I shudder to think how much worse it could have been yesterday. This can not be a normal part of the chiropractor experience is it?

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