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thank you. Now that it is wearing off, I am feeling human again. I wrote my dr regarding my complaints of chills, headache, bone and body aches. SHe said she had never heard of these side effects but in case it is the flu (not) wait a week and try again. Otherwise she will consider the Amgen drug. I am going to do some questioning on that before I go for a drug that lasts for 6 months or whatever the time frame is.
I sometimes wonder if these doctors are purposly lying about not knowing the side effects of meds or if they are really that uninformed. Either way, I prefer to do my own research and decision making before I put any of these substances in my body. Many people have had the same side effects that you had when taking bishposphonates and she never heard of it? Hard to believe! You might think about looking for a more informed doctor :) Take care.
we are going to switch to a PPO insurance in July so I can go to better endocrinologists. We only have a few in our area and frankly I am not impressed. Of course she read the side effects and they are common ones. I had mild reactions with actonel for four months until I ended up at the ER. I am running out of options. I still would like to know why I have osteoporosis when it doesn't run in the family and I used to be active. Normal test results except for an extremely low urine calcium and unusual calcifications in my brain
Hi thanks for the response. I have had 3 dexa scans and they are progressively worse, so while I may not be 3.5 I definitely do have osteoporosis. I did fall about a year ago on my shoulder and didn't break anything. I had a broken ankle about 8 years ago
My primary dr thought I had hypercalcmia. I read up on low urine calcium and for some reason the kidneys will hang on to the calcium. I have seen a kidney dr 3 times who says down the pipeline I will probably need a bone biopsy to see if it is truly osteoporosis or an infection. I saw him today and he reordered the 24 hr urine test, this time in addition to just the calcium, but sodium, phosphoris, magnesium potassium and ionized calcium. I have had the tests done via blood work many many times but not the urine.
I still wonder about hypoparathyroid as it can cause brain calcifications (I have) and osteoporosis. Damage to the parathyroid can cause it and I had major jaw surgery. However, the endocrinologist said the blood test for parathyoid is 100% accurate. After reading up on Prolia, I will not take it. While I find it interesting the drug is made from Chinese hamster's ovaries, the side effects are too scary for me. I already have high cholestrial. I am going to do the stronium for now until I find out WHY I have this. Dr is poo-pooing it. Have any of you found out the cause of your osteoporosis?

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